Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Musings-New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions are made to be broken. Ever since I remember- ever since I was old enough to understand and make resolutions, I have made them and broken them faithfully every year, year after year.
Earlier on, when I was a school student, come November and I would stop studying and make resolution that I would let November and December pass and would start afresh from 1st January and study hard. Come 1st Jan., I would put alarm for early morning with pomp and show. I would rise too. After reading a couple of pages, I would think that well begun is half done. Two pages were good enough to begin with, for the first day. The beginning was made. I would gradually increase study time. Come Sunday, and it was time to rest and make merry. On Monday, it was back to square one, that is, late rising and by the end of the week, all resolutions gone.
Another year, in college, I decided that, if I could not maintain my study time table, I would resolutely look after my health and physic from 1st Jan. So, to make sure, I enrolled my name at Bijuda’s gym, by the second week of December itself. Bijuda asked me to come from the next day and bring my supporters. I explained to him that this was my New Year resolution and I would start from 1st Jan. Bijuda laughed. But I did start on that New Year auspicious day and continued for almost three weeks. Then came time for college trip for four days and that was that.
When I was about twenty seven, one fine morning I decided, my alcohol consumption was more than it was good for me. I would stop that habit from 1st Jan. That last week of Dec. was a grand party in honor of the coming New Year with new resolution. New Year came and with New Year came three of my school friends. We met almost after ten years.
Celebrate we must. God knows when we would meet again. So, we celebrated.
It is the same for the past fifty five years. So this year, I have made a resolution to make resolutions sincerely, like previous years, and break them on 1st Jan. I am sure this year I will succeed.