Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cricket-From Dad to Dadu

Just when we thought that Sourav Ganguly, the Dada (elder brother) of Calcutta had transited to Dadu (grand father), he was absorbed by Pune warriors to play in IPL matches.

Shah Rukh Khan’s slogan with Sourav “korbo. Lodbo, jitbo” (will work, fight & win), didn’t cut ice in the previous IPLs and Sourav was dropped like a sack of bricks from Kolkata Knight Riders. One would have thought that he would take a wise decision and retire with grace. But even after a clear “not wanted” signal from every team, he had aspirations to play and even publicly expressed his desire.

Seeing his desire to remain in the game, SRK and others offered him a job of an instructor or adviser of a team, that is, transferring from ‘Dada’ to ‘Dadu’. Wisely or unwisely, Dada refused and thought it better to while away his time. After all he had done that in the past and had reentered the game with thumping success.

But that time age was in his favor, now even though he is not old, we think he is well past his prime and should accept whatever work involving cricket, be that of a coach, commentator or anything that comes his way. Some people think that it is the player’s own choice if he wants to come back. Ganguly is no ordinary player but look at the last few years’ facts. He has not been successful in any of the IPLs. On the contrary, he was a disaster. Kolkata Knight Riders under him performed poorly and could not even make it to the semi finals. This constant failure shows that his powers are on the wane, law of diminishing returns. Look at his contemporaries like Srinath and Kumble who felt that their playing days were over and gracefully accepted the inevitable.

Still, here is hoping that Dada does well in this IPL for Pune warriors, if given a chance, of course.