Monday, April 30, 2012

Sachin Tendulkar's retirement

A recent statement from Sachin Tendulkar that he may continue playing till 2015 World cup, is most un-Sachin like. Normally he is a humble person and never responds to adverse comments from critics. It appears that this time, he was waiting for his 100th Ton to make this statement, as if, not sure whether he would make it or not.

Though, without doubt, he is the best in the world of cricket, the media sponsored title of the ‘God of cricket’ is being taken seriously by the veteran. His utterance that he decided when to start playing and he will decide when to stop playing is narcissist, to say the least. He tends to forget that a set of selectors selected him to play for nation for the first time, though that set may have been different from the present one. If they had not, the cricket history would have been different. Even now, with all his achievements it can be his decision to retire, but it should be left to the selectors to decide whether he will play or not. Tendulkar’s statement should have read ‘he will continue if selectors decided so.’ If every good player decides that he will continue to play till he decides otherwise, there is no need for selectors. By making such statements he is setting a wrong precedent for upcoming youngsters with extra talents.

I wonder if selectors and coaches also call him ‘Sir’ like young players do and are in awe of him. Like: “Sir, will you be playing the next ODI? Or will you rather rest?” And Sir Tendulkar grandly proclaims his decision one way or the other.

I had thought that Tendulkar was far above petty differences of the dressing room and would attend the function to honor Dravid where cricketing greats from past and present were in attendance to felicitate him. But our God decided to leave for London the same day, not expected of a man like him.

Lastly, personally I regard Sachin’s playing skills in highest esteem. And like any other cricket fan, I was also praying for his 100th Ton. It is a feat unlikely to be matched in another hundred years. He deserves every bit of praise and fame he got. I am proud of his achievements. But, he is human after all.